An electrical circuit housing for Bioscience company.


Finished to a high spec then painted.

Magicmodel Price: £50

Finishing and Painting:£40









A prototype for an Ipad stand.

Nice work in progress and good luck to the London team responsible for this groundbreaking design


Magicmodel price: £100

Finishing and painting £30









Dalek plunger for .........eh! a dalek!

Came off the 3dprinter nicely in one peice.


Magicmodel price: £12










Some industrial engineering design parts post machined and made to fit....perfect.

0.2mm tolerance and accuracy.


Magicmodel price £60








Foldable case for spectacle company.

Nice design which was tweeked well for 2nd generation prototype.



















Cool banner design made in two halves and bonded back together.

Text was 3dprinted in Faberdashery Arctic White.


























3dprinted sculpture for a proposal to aid John Mckenna to win a big contract for the http://portglasgowsculpture.co.uk/


























Probably the largest flat peice ever built on my 3dprinter.

A nice design for a drip tray for a coffee machine.














Just to show that magicmodel can also do small multiples of same components.

This one is for Abd-Ur-Rahman Khan who is a student building a prototype robot.
























A bull shaped wall hook by a zbrush artist who was interested in seeing what 3dprinting could do.






















A near working model for a London designer (student).

Very interesting and challenging project.

















An aortic model made for a doctor to help him study the form before doing the real operation.